Dear Landlords and Landladies.

“AAA Tenants Only. Must Accompany Sch A, B & Ont. Standard Lease. Rental Application, Employment Letter, Recent Pay Stubs, Photo Id, Credit Score & Full Credit Report, References.Tenants Insurance, No Smoking / Pets. $100 Key Deposit.”

Honest to God almighty, the above are actual landlord remarks from a recent rental listing. The rent was $2000 per month. Rumor has it that angels descended down from the heavens to be this Landlord’s tenants since such perfect beings were nowhere to be found.

Landlords have a lot to lose if their property falls into the hands of a negligent tenant. Many landlords put their life savings into an investment property so it’s reasonable that landlords demand financial documents and references to protect themselves.

I have also seen the generosity of some landlords, who despite the lack of financial documents, decide to lease their properties to tenants who were deservings of kindness and a chance to prove themselves.

But have some Landlords gone too far?

I believe so.

Some landlords focus too much on the financials, forgetting that all humans are fallible and completely ignore the, character, integrity and honesty of tenants. If you are a landlord and only wish to lease to AAA tenants, you maybe be missing out on perfectly responsible tenants just because their credit score is low or their source of income is unconventional.

Ultimately, landlords will find better quality tenants if they paid a little bit more attention to the human beings they are letting to.

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